We’ll Never Know Midtown Madam’s Wall Street Clients


If you were hoping that the trial of the soccer mom accused of running a high-end prostitution ring on Manhattan’s Upper East Side would reveal the identities of her allegedly wealthy client list, you’ll be disappointed to learn that the judge in the case pretty much ruled that possibility out today.

In a hearing Thursday, the judge turned down Anna Gristina’s request to have the charges against her thrown out and set the trial date for October 15.

But he also warned prosecutors that the trial would be focused on the single incident on which the charges against her are based. That means prosecutors probably won’t be revealing any of the names of alleged clients that they turned up during their five year investigation of Gristina.

"This is a very narrow issue, and we're going to keep this trial very focused. I'm not going to just allow this thing to get out of hand," Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan said, according to a report from the AP.

You’ll recall that the New York Post reportedthat at "a source" said Gristina's alleged brothel serviced high-end clients who “were all millionaires except two billionaires — hedge-funders, CEOs and real-estate moguls.”

Somewhere someone in an expensive suit is probably breathing a sign of relief right now.

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