First-Class Passengers Throw Fit Over Missing Perk

I love the extra perks airlines offer international, first-class passengers, especially amenity kits. But I'm not about to refuse to fly, or delay a flight, because they're out of amenities.

Qantas First Class International flight.
Source: Qantas
Qantas First Class International flight.

But that's exactly what happened onboard a Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia, recently. Two first-class passengers refused to fly after learning the airline was out of extra large first-class pajamas, according to Australian newspaper The Herald Sun.

Their insistence caused a 30-minute departure delay, while they deplaned and their checked bags were removed. The two passengers were offered jammies from business class. But no, business-class pajamas weren't suitable for the high class duo, according to the newspaper.

The flight's captain was forthcoming in letting all passengers know the exact reason for the delay. According to a business-class passenger, the captain said through the intercom, "Just to inform you all. The reason we've had the delay is because two of our first class passengers refused to fly on this plane as there was no extra large pajamas on board for them."

The cabin erupted in laughter, according to the newspaper report.

A Qantas spokesperson confirmed to the newspaper after the flight delay that an incident had occurred, but refused to give details saying, "Two passengers elected to get off an aircraft just prior to departure in LA overnight. Other passengers were unaffected with the flight touching down in Melbourne this morning on schedule," the spokesperson told The Herald Sun.

After reading about this, I'm inclined to update my How Not to Act When Flying post to include additional lessons in travel etiquette. Why cause hundreds of other passengers inconvenience by delaying the flight for such a relatively insignificant part of airline travel?

I'd definitely put the pajama incident in the "one-percent problems" category, wouldn't you?