Euro Gets a Lift, Dollar Takes Hits


Euro trade data is upbeat but Spanish bank loans are getting worse - it's time for your FX Fix.

The euro held onto its Thursday gains in the wake of comments from German Chancellor Angela Merkel that boosted hopes for debt crisis intervention. [CNBC]

Merkel's comments also lifted the Australian and New Zealand dollars, especially against the yen. [CNBC]

The dollar's rise against the yen eased a bit on offers from Japanese exporters. [WSJ]

Stronger than expected trade data from the euro zone sent the dollar lower against the Swiss franc. []

Finland's euro ministersaid the country is "100 percent" committed to preserving the euro zone, disagreeing with the foreign minister who said earlier that European leaders must prepare for a euro breakup. [CNBC]

Spanish banks' bad loans hit a record high in June. [Reuters]



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