Whither Harry Potter? Occult Items Face Online Ban

Source: Laser Image

Aspiring Wiccans, would-be warlocks and Harry Potter fans take heed: If you were looking to buy a spell, potion or psychic advice online, you missed your chance.

Giving the term "black market" an entirely new definition, some vendors have used auction websites to sell various occult items. Now, online sellers are reacting with a little magic of their own — by putting a hex on certain items.

Online auction site eBay is banning supernatural sales in an attempt to kick swindlers off the site. Online marketplace Esty is also updating its prohibited items list — banning the sale of bones and body parts, drugs, and explosives.

Lest anyone think auction sites are biased against witchcraft, they are also targeting other goods. On that list include items like live animals, pornography, and motor vehicles.

Rest assured, however, you can still buy a bicycle — but only if it complies with Etsy’s other criteria.

For more witchy purchases, you may have to turn to no other than Craigslist.

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