Marissa Mayer, Flickr, Liquor and Donuts

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A couple of photos of Marissa Mayer, new CEO of Yahoo*, have surfaced on the Yahoo-owned photo sharing site, Flickr.

In one of the photos, Mayer is seen standing beside a well-stocked bar in the offices of Flickr. Flickr team members stand listening to her. Boxes of donuts are on the table.

This is kind of a big deal just because Yahoo is widely seen as having screwed up social photo sharing. (See: Cramer: How New Yahoo CEO Could Become Its Savior)

At one time, Flickr was hugely popular. I remember I used to log in to my Flickr account every couple of days to see what my friends were sharing. My friends did the same thing.

Hardly anyone I know does that any more.

We're all looking at Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram for pictures.

Gizmodo ran a great piece in May on how Yahoo killed Flickr.

So seeing Mayer spending her time meeting with the Flickr folks is significant. Maybe she'll try to bring relevance back to the site. (Is Mayer worth it? See video: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's Compensation)

- by senior editor John Carney

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