Facts in Bountygate 'Overwhelmingly' Clear: NFL’s Goodell

The evidence is overwhelming that players for the New Orleans Saints were given rewards for injuring opposing teams, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told CNBC’s “Squawk Box”on Monday.


“There was a violation of a very important policy, which is we should not have any rewards for injuring opposing players,” Goodell said, speaking about the so-called "Bountygate" scandal that has battered the one-time Super Bowl champs.

“The evidence is overwhelmingly clear that it occurred. There have now been admissions in court,” Goodell added.

“They've testified in court that they had what they call a 'cart off', when a player was taken off the field for injury, players rewarded for that, that is a bounty, illegal under our policy and getting strong discipline going forward,” he said. (Related: Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees: Concussions & Contracts).

In addition to cracking down on intentional injuries, the NFL also continues to look at new technologies to help reduce the number of hurt players, the commissioner said. “There are new technologies that can make our helmets safer,” Goodell said, adding the NFL is looking to expand protection such as hip and knee pads.

The league is also looking to improve fans’ stadium experience, partly to help boost ticket sales and keep up with emerging technology. “The television experience is a great experience, with high definition, super slow-[motion],” Goodell said. “We have to counter that by making the experience in the stadiums terrific," he added.

Stephen Ross, owner of the Dolphins, told CNBC on Mondaythat the Dolphins are adding high-density wi-fi so fans can watch live video on their smartphones while at the stadium. (Watch: Inside the Squawk Huddle: Miami Dolphins Owner).