Apple Verdict ‘Puts a Dent’ in Competitors: Analyst

Apple’s $1 billion copyright victory against Samsung will hurt Android phone makers, a Topeka Capital Markets senior analyst said Monday on CNBC.

“This is a very, very sweet victory for Apple. It really enhances their brand as an innovator. Samsung looks as if it’s the imitator,” Brian White said on “Fast Money.”

The jury verdict that found Samsung copied iPhone designs for its Android smartphone could hurt the Korean manufacturer, he argued, and could be just one battle in the larger “thermonuclear war” late Apple CEO Steve Jobs vowed against Google’s operating system. (Read More: Munster: Apple-Google ‘Drama Far From Over’)

“I think it definitely puts a dent in the brand,” he said. “I think it’s a very, very important point: Who’s pure, who innovates and who’s authentic plays into your brand.

“I think it will be an impact in the device makers, which will slow down some of the Android ecosystem for sure.”

Trader disclosure: On Aug. 27, 2012, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s “Fast Money” were owned by the “Fast Money” traders: Mike Murphy is long WFC; Mike Murphy is long HTZ; Mike Murphy is long TOL; Mike Murphy is long LEN; Mike Murphy is long DNKN; Tim Seymour is long BAC; Tim Seymour is long INTC; Tim Seymour is long SBUX; Joe Terranova is long AAPL; Joe Terranova is long VRTS; Joe Terranova is long SBUX; Joe Terranova is long WFM; Joe Terranova is long CSTR; Joe Terranova is long CHKP; Joe Terranova is long EMC; Joe Terranova is long NXPI; Joe Terranova is long AAPL SPT. $640 PUTS; Joe Terranova is long AAPL SEPT. $700 CALLS; Joe Terranova is long OCT 2012 GASOLINE CRACKS; Scott Nations is long JPM; Scott Nations is long BAC; Scott Nations is long C; Scott Nations is long SPY; Scott Nations is long .VIX;

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