Got cash? Cramer sure hopes so

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There may be no better feeling than locking in a huge profit as the market soars higher; in fact that's as good reason as any to sell into a rally.

However that's not the only reason to sell.

Jim Cramer also recommends selling into strength and raising cash because it prepares you to make your next move.

Handing money over
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Handing money over

In a bull market, Cramer likes to sell into strength and then buy weakness. Therefore, when the market goes lower, that's when you'll want the cash - so you can make a shopping list, establish new entry points and then hit the buy button when you think a desirable stock has gotten too cheap.

Cramer recommends having at least 5 percent of your portfolio in cash most of the time, and up to 10 percent after a market decline. He said these percentages provide flexibility, should you want to leverage a sudden decline.

In fact, Cramer said that not selling something during a rally to raise cash is "downright reckless" — no matter how much you love the stocks in your portfolio.

And he thinks selling right after a rally — when a lot of other investors still want to jump in — can be extremely strategic.

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What's the bottom line?

Cash may be "the single most important part of your portfolio," said Jim Cramer. And during a rally the market is giving you an opportunity raise some.

"It's the smartest thing you can do," he said. "And it will save you a lot of pain."

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