China Stimulus May Ease Slowdown: Roach

Worries about ongoing weakness in Chinese manufacturing has been overblown, but its economy is poised for new growth over the next few years, Yale University Senior Fellow Stephen Roach told CNBC on Tuesday.

On “Fast Money,” Roach, who is a former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, said that China is employing its own form of stimulus.

“They’re doing a lot. They’re just not doing it in the way you guys are used to seeing it in the U.S.

They’ve announced very significant local government spending initiatives in a number of major cities, a number of provincial spending initiatives,” he said. “When they have a problem, they use investment. Yeah, they have high investment share of GDP but their overall stock of productive capital per worker is miniscule.”

Roach added that China still has a long way to go to broaden its economic base.

“You don’t inject consume DNA into a large economy like China overnight. I’d say over the next several years, you will be shocked and surprised at the strength of the emerging Chinese consumer, but they’re coming from a low base. It is not an overnight experiment.”

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