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Hate Meetings? Why Most Are Complete Failures

Do you hate meetings? Do you feel like most of them are a waste of your time?

Well, join the club, sunshine: Executives consider more than two-thirds (67 percent) of meetings to be failures, according to research by Rick Gilbert, an executive coach ( for companies including Apple, Adobe, Cisco, eBay and Oracle and the author of “Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations.”

“Maybe the numbers weren’t right or the data weren’t good,” Gilbert said. Maybe the subordinates giving the presentation didn’t understand what the executives were asking for. “The meeting had to be rescheduled and it took up a lot of time.”

And a lot of valuable time at that: If you figure that the average CEO is paid $12 to $13 million, that’s $6,000 an hour. Imagine you have more than one high-level executive at that meeting and failure becomes expensive.

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