Gold ‘A Really Questionable Rally’: Hedge Fund Pro

Investors shouldn’t necessarily trust a bullish gold market, calling it “a fragile rally,” Anthony Lazzara of Lido Isle Advisors told CNBC on Monday.

“The problem is, is these rallies that are based on purely monetary policy around the world are very fragile rallies, and they cause a lot of volatility in the market. We could rally, we could see $1,800 and we could pull right back down,” he said on “Fast Money.”

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“There are a lot of people who bought gold over the last few years, and have it buried in their basement. And now the question is: If we start to see an $1,800 handle on this gold, are these people going to go down, dig it up and start putting it on the market?

“It’s a really questionable rally, I think.”

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Lazzara, who said he preferred grain commodities corn and soybeans, nonetheless shared a near-term outlook.

“Short-term, I’d say $1,800. Long-term, I think we could see a big gold rally. Gold started in a rally 10 years ago, and this rally could last 20 years, total,” he said. “But right now, I think we see a short-term top around 1,800 and then we might see a pullback.”

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