Is This What The iPad Mini Will Look Like?


Alleged pictures of Apple's iPad mini appeared on the French website, the same blog that posted alleged images of the iPhone 5 in late August.

The photos feature what is believed to be the iPad mini from several different angles to show off its smaller size.

One photo also displays the difference in case size of a regular iPad compared to what is believed to be the case of the smaller iPad.

While Apple has kept mum on the prospect of an iPad mini, there's been no lack of speculation about the potential of smaller tablet by the tech giant. (Read More: iPad Mini May Sell Like Hotcakes Compared to Regular Tablet: Pros )

The iPhone maker is expected to unveil itsiPhone 5 Wednesday, but many expect the company will soon also launch the smaller tablet, which has been dubbed as the 'iPad mini.' (Read More: Apple Will Make Big Announcement Next Week, Hints at iPhone 5)

All ThingsD reported in late August that the new iPad mini would feature a display screen of less than eight inches and debut at an Apple event in October. Apple, however, has not confirmed it is making a smaller tablet.

Hat tip: CNET