Live Blog: Apple Unveils iPhone 5 With Bigger Screen, New Connector

Philip 'Phil' Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc., speaks during an event in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012. Apple Inc. unveiled the iPhone 5 in an overhaul aimed at widening its lead over Samsung Electronics Co. and Google Inc. in the $219.1 billion smartphone market.
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Philip 'Phil' Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc., speaks during an event in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012. Apple Inc. unveiled the iPhone 5 in an overhaul aimed at widening its lead over Samsung Electronics Co. and Google Inc. in the $219.1 billion smartphone market.

Editor's Note: Appletook the stage today to show off its latest version of the iPhone, named the iPhone 5.

Along with a new iPhone, the tech giant is also launched an updated line of iPod products.

2:58 P.M.: Tim Cook says thank you for coming.

2:42 P.M.: Cook makes the argument that no one brings together software, hardware and software like Apple does, gives a shout out to employees.

2:40 P.M.: Tim Cook is back on stage wrapping it up, going through all the announcements.

2:39 P.M.: iPods: Shuffle $49, Nano $149, old iPod Touch $199 and $249, new iPod Touch $299 (new high-end price for iPod Touch)

Apple ear phone
Apple ear phone

2:37 P.M.: EarPods available starting today; EarPods come with the iPhone 5, iPod touch, iPod nano.

2:35 P.M.: Now, the obligatory EarPod video starring Jony Ive and some other people.

2:34 P.M.: Now an update on speakers — well, headphones. Apple spent three years designing "EarPods," the new earbuds.

2:33 P.M.: Touch also comes in five colors, each with its own wrist strap; iPod shuffle will match nano colors.

2:32 P.M.: iPod Touch gets iMovie, too. And AirPlay mirroring. And Siri. (This has brought the Touch into the computer category.)

2:30 P.M.: iPod Touch gets iPhoto for the first time for editing. (Apple is turning this into a camera. That's big.)

2:29 P.M.: iPod Touch takes 5MP photos, has many of the software features that the iPhone 5 has. f/2.4 aperture. Panorama feature on Touch too.

2:27 P.M.: This "Clumsy Ninja" is the new Tamagochi. The new iPod Touch has 40 hours of battery life.

2:26 P.M.: Showing "Clumsy Ninja," a new game. The character reacts in real time to your interactions. Move him around, tickle him, etc.

Apple iPod
Apple iPod

2:23 P.M.: iPod Touch gets the A5 chip, with dual-core processing. (This is an interesting, big deal for the lower end of the market.)

2:22 P.M.: iPod touch: looks like it has the same 4" retina display as iPhone 5, 6.1 mm thin, 88 grams, anodized aluminum.

2:20 P.M.: Up to 30 hours of music playback.

2:18 P.M.: Multitouch display, seven colors, FM tuner with live pause, photo viewer, video back on the nano. Fitness and pedometer apps are built in and it integrates with Nike+ out of the box, Joswiak said.

2:17 P.M.: Nano: New large display, easy rocker controls, thin and light, will have Lightning connector; bigger than the old one, 5.4 mm thin, 38 percent thinner than the old nano.

2:16 P.M.: Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of iPod, iPhone, and iOS product marketing, is up with iPod update.

2:14 P.M.: You can see tour info for artists, concerts from within iTunes.

2:13 P.M.: iCloud built into iTunes, lets you start watching a movie on iPad, resume on Mac at same point (reminiscent of Amazon last week).

2:12 P.M.: New mini player (for when iTunes is in the background) gives more information when you mouse over; you can now search songs from within mini player.

2:10 P.M.: New "Up Next" iTunes feature lets you quickly rearrange playlist songs by double clicking.

2:09 P.M.: Artists can now share photos from within your iTunes library. (Interesting that they're not calling this iTunes 11.)

2:07 P.M.: New version of iTunes: We're getting a demo. Edge-to-edge design is cleaner.

Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5

2:06 P.M.: 66 percent of iTunes downloads now come directly from iOS devices.

2:04 P.M.: iTunes: Eddy Cue is up to talk iTunes.

2:02 P.M.: Pre-order on 9/14, ship on 9/21, more countries 9/28 .... Schiller says fastest phone rollout ever. iOS 6 widely available on 9/16.

2:01 P.M.: The level of obsessiveness Apple has shown in manufacturing is staggering.

iPhone 4 goes to free, 4S to $99, iPhone 5 pricing same as iPhone 4S, which was $199 for 16 GB, $299 for a 32 GB and $399 for a 64GB.

Apple's iPhone 5 Retina Display
Getty Images
Apple's iPhone 5 Retina Display

1:58 P.M.: Ive: "Never before have we built a product with this level of fit and finish."

1:55 P.M.: Apple now showing obligatory iPhone 5 video starring Jony Ive, Apple's senior vice president of design, and Bob Mansfield, senior vice president of hardware engineering.

1:52 P.M.: Schiller is back. iPhone 5 comes in black and white; on the black model, the metal around the edge is tinted as well.

1:50 P.M.: Forstall asks Siri "How did the 49ers do last weekend" ... He also asks for NFL standings and what good movies out. He shows a new feature that allows Siri to update users' Facebook status.

Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5

1:48 P.M.: Forstall showing Passbook .... Baseball tickets, loyalty cards, airline tickets among items that go inside (this was demoed at Apple's World Wide Developers' Conference earlier this Summer).

1:46 P.M.: Forstall: iCloud tabs gives you access to any open tab on any device.

1:44 P.M.: Forstall: demoing 3D maps looking at Big Ben in London.

1:42 P.M.: Senior vice president Scott Forstall is up and demoing iOS 6 on iPhone 5. He is showing how turn by turn directions benefit from a larger screen.

Apple iPhone 5
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Apple iPhone 5

1:39 P.M.: Dock connector: Schiller says many of the old uses of connector are obsolete. "Lightning" is the connector for the next decade .... Plugs in in either direction, 80 percent smaller. Apple making accessories to help with transition, a 30-pin Lightening adapter will allow users to plug in and use with a Lightening connector.

1:37 P.M.: Three microphones now: Bottom, front and back; speaker improved, noise canceling earpiece; wideband audio used more of the freqency spectrum to make voice sound more natural.

1:36 P.M.: Video performance improved as well, though fewer details.

1:34 P.M.: Schiller: Panorama allows users to sweep their scene, camera tells user how slow to pan; demo photo is 28 megapixels. The panorama feature is pretty impressive; camera is a key feature.

Apple iPhone 5
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Apple iPhone 5

1:32 P.M.: Better camera: 8 mp sensor, 3264x2448, backside illumnation, f/2.4 aperture, dynamic low light mode, precision lens alignment, faster photo capture. Camera will also have panorama mode.

1:29 P.M.: Battery life: 8 hours 3G talk, 10 hours WIFI browsing, which is better than the iPhone 4S.

1:26 P.M.: EA Studios demoing graphics running on A6 chip. It has "full console quality," said Rob Murray, executive producer from EA studios.

The reflections in car bodies and rear view mirror in this game are truly impressive.

1:25 P.M.: Apple A6 chip in iPhone 5, 22 percent smaller (this is a bit of a surprise).

1:24 P.M.: Schiller announcing carriers with iPhone 5: ATT, Verizon, Sprint in US, also carriers in Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe.

Apple introduces the iPhone 5.
Apple introduces the iPhone 5.

1:23 P.M.: iPhone 5 has LTE: dynamic antenna can automatically switch between different networks.

1:20 P.M.: Schiller showing CNN app on longer screen, Opentable; both using screen real estate to add functions. There is 44 percent more color saturation than the iPhone 4S.

1:19 P.M.: Apple updating all its software to fit iPhone 5 screen .... Apple will center other apps with black borders.

1:17 P.M.: Retina display, 326 ppi, 4-inch display, 1136 x 640..."A phone should feel great in your hand," Schiller says.

Tim Cook on stage at the Apple event.
Tim Cook on stage at the Apple event.

1:15 P.M.: It has five rows of icons, plus the dock row on the bottom (longer) .... The leaked parts were accurate. Schiller says new phone is 20 percent lighter than the 4S.

1:14 P.M.: Schiller: today we're going to introduce iPhone 5. (It comes up on a pedestal from stage.)

1:13 P.M.: Cook: We have exciting news about the iPhone, Phil Schiller coming to share it.

1:12 P.M.: Cook: Last quarter we sold our 400 millionth iOS device.

1:11 P.M.: Cook: Apple recently passed 700 thousand apps in app store, 250 thousand for iPad, with the average customer using more than 100 apps.

1:09 P.M.: Cook: Apple tablet share up to 68 percent, iPad accounts for 91 percent of tablet web traffic: "I don't know what these other tablets are doing," he said.

1:08 P.M.: Cook talking iPad momentum: Apple sold more iPads than any PC maker sold of entire PC lineup.

Source: Apple

1:06 P.M.: Cook talking about recent Mac updates, including Mountain Lion. He says Apple notebooks now #1 in market share in the US over the past 3 months, at 27 percent.

1:05 P.M.: Cook said now there are 380 stores in 12 countries, 13th, Sweden coming this Friday. Serving one million people per day, almost.

1:03 P.M.: Cook is showing a video from the Barcelona store opening.

1:02 P.M.: Cook starting with Apple retail. Shows image of Apple retail. Says Apple used limestone from a local quarry to modernize the building

1:01 P.M.: Tim Cook takes the stage. "Good morning."

1:00 P.M.: Path CEO Dave Morin is here. Lights just dimmed.

12:54 P.M.: They have let us in. Al Gore is here, as usual.