Street Poll: How Much Are Median Income Households Taxed?

Tetra Images | Getty Images

's words secretly captured on video at a private May fundraiser are again sparking the debate over taxes—who’s paying too much and who's paying too little?

With mounting government debt and with federal taxes on middle-income Americans near historic lows, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the finger-pointing in Washington and on the campaign trail over how to solve our fiscal mess is reaching a fever pitch.

But we want to put things in perspective for what it means for regular Americans with a median household income of $50,054 in 2011 (that’s according to new Census Bureau data).

Here's our Street Poll question: What is the average effective federal income tax rate (after deductions) for the median income household?

Vote now and we’ll reveal the answer on “Street Signs” on Tuesday at 2pm ET.