Windows 8 Being Pushed Out the Gate Prematurely: Report

Microsoft Windows 8 new interface
Microsoft Windows 8 new interface

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is being released before it is completely ready, Intel CEO Paul Otellini reportedly told employees in Taiwan at a company event, according to a report.

Bloomberg News, citing a person who attended the private meeting, quoted Intel's CEO as saying that although improvements are still needed on Windows 8, releasing the software before it is ready is the right move and that Microsoft can improve upon it later.

Windows 8, which is designed for tablets, is slated to be released around the world October 26. Microsoft is vying to get its software into tablets before the holiday season, in a bid to help the software giant compete against Apple's iPad, Amazon's Kindle Fire HD tablet, which run on Google's Android platform and Google's Nexus 7 tablet.

The latest entrant into the digital wars between tablet makers, Microsoft is expected to roll out a tablet of its own — the Surface — in late October.

Microsoft told CNBC that “With over 16 million active preview participants, Windows 8 is the most tested, reviewed and ready operating system in Microsoft’s history. We’re looking forward to making Windows 8 available to the world on October 26th.”