Instagram Trumped Twitter in Daily Mobile Users in August: Comscore


Is Twitter losing its mobile edge? Recent data show it's at least got some stiff competition.

During August, for the first time ever, mobile users visited Instagram more than Twitter on a daily basis, according to recent data from Comscore.

Instagram had 7.3 million daily active users in August, according to Comscore. Twitter, however, came in behind the photo-sharing application with 6.868 million daily active users for the same time period.

Instagram and Twitter's Daily Active Users

Average Daily Visitors (000)
Mar - 2012
Apr. 2012
Aug-2012 5,529 5,759 5,722 6,080 6,658 6,868 886 1,379 1,878 4,589 6,312 7,302
Source: ComScore | Note: Users are in million.

Instagram, which was recently acquired by Facebook , also trumped Twitter in average time spent on the platforms.

Instagram users spent an average of 257 minutes on the mobile platform during August, whereas Twitter users spent an average of 169.9 minutes using the social network on their mobile devices.

But Twitter didn't bow to Instagram completely.

According to the data, Twitter had over 29 million unique visitors, beating Instagram, which had 21.990 million unique visitors.

Comscore's data are based off the usage from both Twitter and Instagram's mobile applications and usage of both platform on the mobile web. The figures include user data from Apple's iOS, Google's Android platform and RIM platforms for users who are 18 and older.

Facebook and Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Comscore's data.