Unclear What Caused Kraft Spike: Nanex Founder

A $13-per-share spike in the price of Kraft shares at Wednesday’s market open sent traders looking for answers, and Nanex founder Eric Hunsader told CNBC he was concerned about the impact of high-frequency trading.

“Just yesterday, a brand-new algo showed up that accounted for 4 percent of all the quotes in the market yesterday — and this is one person,” he said on “Fast Money.”

“The problem is, every exchange sees things from their own little world. They don’t see how things react outside of that world, and they have no incentive to. So when you have these complex systems interacting with each other and nobody’s really paying attention to the aggregate, you set yourself up for times of market stress, that you’re only going find out how the new systems all work together when you’ve got this really bad news event that nobody was expecting.”

When the market opened, Kraft shares went from $45.55 to a high of $58.54 before the Nasdaq canceled trades above $47.82.

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“It started out doing pretty well. In fact, the first few buy pulses over the first two seconds sopped up liquidity pretty well without moving the price,” Hunsader said. “A second after that — and it could be a second buyer that came in there — is what sent it up a good $10.

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“It just didn’t seem to have any sanity check on how high it was supposed to go.”

Hunsader said that one solution should be allowing the trades go through and make the bidder pay the inflated price.

“I think let the market sort it out,” he said. “I wouldn’t cancel the trade.”

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