Apple Removes Claim Maps Are 'Most Beautiful, Powerful'

Apple Maps
Apple Maps

It's not surprising Apple isn't bragging about how good its maps application is. In fact, the company is apparently trying to quietly downplay it.

The company appears to have removed the claim on its website that its map system is the "most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever," according to a report by 9To5Mac.

Apple has replaced the once glowing review of its maps product with a much more modest description, stating that the mapping app's features are "all in a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease."

Apple, which replaced Google Maps with its own mapping system on iOS6, has faced criticism about inaccuracies found on its maps.

Last week CEO Tim Cook issued a formal apologyto consumers on Apple's website for any frustration the new mapping system has caused. He also recommended competitors' mapping applications as alternatives to Apple's own mapping system.