Taiwan to Apple Maps: Please Blur Our Top Secret Base

Apple Maps
Source: Apple.com
Apple Maps

Consumers aren't the only ones voicing their complaints about Apple's maps system.

Taiwanese government officials are now taking issue with the tech giant's maps claiming the new system reveals sensitive national defense information, according to a report.

Taiwan is requesting that Apple blur the satellite image of the country's radar station, which is used to detect aircraft and missiles, according to a report from Taiwan News.

Military officials report that the long-range radar, which cost over a billion dollars, is capable of detecting missiles as far away as Northwest China, providing several minutes of warning in case of an attack.

The Defense Ministry spokesman David Lo said Tuesday that Apple should follow in the footsteps of its competitor Google and use low-resolution satellite images to depict buildings that have sensitive locations.

Apple's new maps system replaced Google maps on the company's latest operating system, iOS6, which is featured on the iPhone 5.

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