Greek Unemployment Hits New Record Above 25%

Greece's official jobless rate hit another record in July, climbing to 25.1 percent, up from 24.8 percent in June.

Greek Unemployment Hits New Record Above 25%
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With the release of the new data, Greece joins Spain at the top spot for euro zone countries with the highest unemployment rate, as Spanish unemployment also stands at 25.1 percent.

There are now 1.26 million people aged 15 to 74 who are unemployed in Greece, according to Greece's national authority for statistics, the ELSTAT.

The number of unemployed people in Greece for the same period in 2011 stood at 17.8 percent.

Greece's austerity-fuelled recession continues to take its toll on the labor market.

The euro zone average unemployment figure stood at 11.4 percent in July.