UPDATE: Teacher Ridicules Student for Romney T-Shirt

Samantha Pawlucy, showing her Romney/Ryan t-shirt.
Source: NBC Philadelphia
Samantha Pawlucy, showing her Romney/Ryan t-shirt.

Samantha Pawlucy, the teen who was ridiculed by her teacher for wearing a pro-Romney T-shirt to class, may have just won a very powerful ally – Mitt Romney.

If you watch The Kudlow Report regularly, you may remember the story from Thursday October 4th .

The 16-year old sophomore, who attends high school in Philadelphia, told Larry Kudlow, that she was humiliated by a teacher for wearing a T-shirt in support of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

We wanted to update you because there have been a few developments.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Mitt Romney heard about events and called Pawlucy on the telephone, presumably to offer words of support.

Pawlucy now feels so uncomfortable by all the attention the incident has generated, she going to transfer to another school.

As you might remember, events unfolded about 2 weeks ago.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened until the student arrived at her geometry class – before that time the shirt didn't raise any objections.

However, the offending teacher saw the Romney / Ryan shirt "and told me to get out of the classroom, I said no, " Samantha explained on The Kudlow Report.

When she stood her ground and refused to change, Samantha said the teacher pulled her into the hall and encouraged others to make fun of her. And according to news reports, the teacher attempted to scribble on the shirt.

Lynette Gaymon, the teacher who made the controversial remarks, is set to have a hearing soon to determine what happens next as part of the district's investigation, according to the Philadelphia paper.

Also, the Romney campaign will not be issuing a formal statement nor details of the conversation.

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