The VP Debate Drinking Game

Kudlow: VP Debate Will Be Must-See TV
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Biden v. Ryan! Kaos in Kentucky!

Debates between vice presidential candidates never decide elections — e.g., Lloyd Bentsen's annihilation of Dan Quayle over Jack Kennedy — but they provide great fun. (Read More: Biden-Ryan: Political Theater Now High-Stakes Debate .)

Case in point, this hilarious YouTube video pits Paul "Rocky" Ryan against Joe "Apollo Creed" Biden. Yes, it favors the Republican, but it's funny! Vice President Joe Biden also makes a cameo in this Gangnam Style spoof of his boss.

We, too, are all about funny, even-handed funny.

Thus, Thursday night's vice president's debate drinking game.

I've decided to leave out the obvious code words in the spirit of avoiding too many spirits. Do not drink to "Medicare" or "hard working", or some of the words on this list from (I mean, if we drink every time Vice President Biden says "millionaires" or Paul Ryan says "government" we won't be able to go to work tomorrow.)

Instead, here are some tactical key words to watch for, along with a few potential "Big Bird" long shots.

Drink once each time you hear:



"You know"

"Prior administration" or "previous administration"

"Honest to God"

"I'm tellin' ya!"

"Big Bird "

Drink twice if you hear:

"The great Vince Lombardi"

"Biker who sat in my lap "


"Bacon shortage "

Finally, my dark horse hope. Down the whole bottle (responsibly) if you hear:


I had help with these suggestions from @RobertNBCLA, @MDAndrsn, @rewashednews, @ConservIntel, @n23mc, @TaoOfPatrick, @444Rocky, @WILKNewsradio, and @DayneBoudreau. Thanks!

—By CNBC's Jane Wells

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