Gingrich: Beginning of Downward Spiral for Obama

Gingrich: Beginning of Downward Spiral for Obama
Mandel Ngan | AFP | Getty Images

For Barack Obama, the next few weeks may be somewhat painful. Newt Gingrich thinks his whole campaign is about to unravel.

"Obama threw away 6 months of campaigning in 90 minutes, " said Gingrich on The Kudlow Report , referring to the President's lackluster performance during the first of three presidential debates.

"It was the worst performance by an incumbent in my lifetime."

By most accounts since that debate, Mitt Romney has enjoyed a bounce in popularity. In fact, according to recent Reuters poll, Romney now leads the race by 3 percentage points.

"What we're seeing is the Obama façade breaking, " said Gingrich. "Obama is becoming disoriented."

And Gingrich thinks this is the beginning of a downward spiral for the President.

"Here's the problem – Obama has high unemployment, high gas and a scandal in Bengazi, " Gingrich said.

With strong headwinds such as these, the former House speaker thinks the President's loss of momentum will be impossible to reverse. "Now, they have a huge problem."

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