Cut Taxes to Boost US Economy: Florida Governor Scott

Florida and Texas are two of the fastest growing states in the country when it comes to job creation, Florida Governor Rick Scott told CNBC Monday, models that he argued could hold lessons for the federal government.

Scott pointed to efforts to lower taxes, reduce regulation and streamline permit approvals, which he said were key factors in helping revive Florida's business environment.

In a partisan shot, he added that his party's leaders at the state level have a better track record with job creation.

"The states with Republican governors, they've done better than states without Republican governors as far as job growth, " Scott told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Monday.

"In August, Texas beat us, we were number two in job growth with 28, 000 private sector jobs, " he noted. "That's big — 28, 000 jobs in one month."

Scott attributed the growth to lower property and business taxes and 2, 000 fewer regulations. "Florida is going to do well because our taxes are lower, " he said.

His prescription for stronger economic growth for the country is lower taxes and more economic freedom. "If we want to get our economy going, at the federal level, we have to cut taxes, " Scott said, including corporate taxes. (Read More: Romney vs. Obama: Where They Stand on Taxes .)

He also said government has to get smaller.

""You have to downsize the size of government, balance the budget, quit scaring people their taxes will have to go up, streamline the permitting process, " the Florida governor said.

"We have to do the same thing we're doing in Florida, " Scott added.