Grisanti: What to Watch This Week - Futures Now

Grisanti: What to Watch This Week - Futures Now
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With all the events and data points set for this week, this is destined to be a huge week in both politics and finance.

Some market-moving data has already made waves, such as news that China's exports increased 9.9 percent year-over-year. That is good news for China, and could be a sign that its biggest export partners — the European Union and United States — are stabilizing at the very least. China's money supply also increased at the highest rate since 2011.

On Tuesday, PIMCO Founder and Co-Chief Investment Officer Bill Gross will join us on Futures Now, live on at 1 p.m. ET. We will get his take on the state of the economy. With his recent "incendiary views" making a few headlines, it should be another interesting show. We know that he is a fan of gold, but I would like to know what other assets he believes will be profitable in the future.

The second presidential debate scheduled for Tuesday evening. Although the degree to which these debates influence voters is in question, the first debate showed that a good performance does seem to make a difference in the polls.

And of course we have another huge week for earnings reports, a wide range of Dow components will be giving us their results. Companies that produce goods and services — from energy to food, from banking to tech — will report. So far the reports have been mixed, and in some cases as negative as analysts have predicted. Outlooks for the future have mostly remained dim. Though there were a few bright spots, such as JPMorgan Chase, the E-Mini S&P 500 was a sale on rallies last week, as was the NASDAQ 100 E-Mini. The S&P is now sitting above a support level at 1, 414.

Here are some of the big names that are reporting:

Monday: Citigroup

Tuesday: Intel, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Goldman Sachs, Nokia, and Coca Cola

Wednesday: American Express, Bank of America, eBay

Thursday: Capital One, Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Phillip Morris

Friday: General Electric, McDonald's

Why are these reports important to commodity traders?

Because these can give you a snapshot of the health of the economy, and they help you understand how commodity costs affect earnings.

Take McDonald's for instance. Commodities that affect their earnings would include beef, potatoes, wheat, and more. Remember that trading is a puzzle, and these are some of the pieces that help put a successful trading strategy together.

Be sure to watch the E-Mini S&P And E-Mini Nasdaq 100 futures contacts carefully this week. With so many components of these reporting earnings, especially in tech, these will be on the move.

Crude oil always has to be watched, as well as gold, silver and the other metals.

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The bottom line: Given that this could be a big week for the markets, remember to use your stops!

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