Before You Vote, Ask Yourself This: Charles Schwab

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Every Presidential election is historic. But when you go to the polls this November, you may be making the most important decision of your lifetime.

That's largely the sentiment of iconic investor Charles Schwab.

On The Kudlow Report , Schwab told Larry that, "This is a critical election – it's a turning point for the country.

Schwab's comments may sound dramatic but he - and others - believe decisions made over the next 4 years will have a pronounced impact on future generations because the winning candidate will determine the fate of the economy.

And Schwab sees the economy at in inflection point.

Schwab, Kudlow and others argue that the lackluster nature of the recovery has dragged on too long and now it threatens prosperity. "It's growth that's needed now, " said Schwab.

That's because growth makes new jobs, drives salaries higher and propels gains in the market.

"Economic growth is the only ingredient that will help pull the country out of its present funk and allow us to solve our pressing issues, " said Schwab.

Therefore, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, before casting your vote, Charles Schwab implores you to ask yourself who is the best candidate for the economy?

And he doesn't mean that figuratively – he wants you to ask yourself very specific questions. In an editorial published by Forbes he outlined them:

- Which candidate will look at tax policy as an incentive to spur growth?
- Which candidate understands how to effectively apply an incentive to encourage businesses to invest in job training?
- Which candidate would streamline the muddle of ineffective programs today and encourage corporations to sponsor training programs through a simple, universal incentive?
- Which candidate will review every line of the tax code and regulation to assess its relevance and its complexity?

Which candidate does Schwab think gets the job done?

"I think the Romney – Ryan ticket will be able to do that, " Schwab told Larry Kudlow.

"Mitt Romney supports growth-generating measures If economic growth is what we need—and I believe it is—he is the right choice, " Schwab said.

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