This Debate Can Make or Break Obama: Trump

Donald Trump
Timothy Clary | AFP | Getty Images
Donald Trump

If President Barack Obama doesn't produce a strong performance at Tuesday night's debate, he can kiss the election goodbye, Donald Trump told CNBC's "Squawk Box."

The real estate mogul expects a more energetic Obama in this debate.

"I think the president will come out a lot stronger and with more enthusiasm, " he said Tuesday morning.

"There's tremendous pressure on President Obama to perform, and if he doesn't perform I actually think it's going to be over because he was so bad in the first debate that people didn't believe it, " said Trump, a Romney supporter.

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"Say what you want about [Vice President Joe] Biden, whether you liked his debate performance or not, at least he was enthusiastic, " Trump added. "It looked like he wanted to be there, but the president didn't, he looked lost."

Trump said he anticipated a huge audience for Tuesday night's town hall debate.

"It's going to be tremendous, maybe bigger than the first audience because people couldn't believe how bad Obama was in the first debate, " he said. "I think people are watching."