Michael Corbat's Memo to Citi

Michael Corbat's Memo to Citi
Source: Citigroup.com

New Citi CEO, Michael Corbat sent an introduction email to the company, shortly after today's resignation of Vikram Pandit. Full text below.

Dear Colleagues:

I am both humbled by the confidence the Board has placed in me, and excited by the prospect of working closely with our management team and the Board to take our Company forward. Together with our talented employees around the world, I am confident that we can realize Citi 's full potential while serving clients and creating rewarding new opportunities for our employees.

I say this as a true believer in this Company: I have spent my entire career here and have had the opportunity to see first-hand the dedication, talent, and innovative spirit that for 200 years has been the hallmark of how we serve our clients and the communities around the world in which we operate.

Over the last five years, Vikram has led Citi back to its roots as a bank, building on our legacy of serving clients and helping them on their journey from ambition to achievement. I believe the fundamentals we have in place today are strong and that we are on the right path. However, the environment is a challenging and dynamic one. Regulatory, legislative and economic changes around the world present headwinds as we redefine our relationships with all of our stakeholders.

To thrive, we must be vigilant about how we allocate our resources to ensure we are serving our clients and offering the products with the highest potential in the most productive markets. At the same time, we must deliver sustained profitability, improved operating efficiency and shareholder returns while ensuring that vigorous risk management and mitigation are always the cornerstone of how Citi operates.

As a first step, I'm going to take the next several weeks to immerse myself in the businesses and review reporting structures. These assessments will result in some changes, and I will make sure to communicate these changes with you as decisions are made so that you are informed and updated.

Make no mistake that our passion and collective strength are integral to taking full advantage of our unique global position and seizing the many opportunities the Board and I see for our Company. I know that you are working hard to serve our clients, and I thank you for your commitment and loyalty to Citi. During this leadership transition, we must not become distracted from continuing to serve our clients and delivering the strongest possible finish for the year.

In closing, I'd like to extend my fond personal appreciation to Vikram and John Havens for all they have achieved during their tenure at Citi's helm in the most turbulent economic times. Without their leadership, Citi would not be in a position to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

– Mike