‘Good Signs Going On in US’: Goldman’s O’Neill

Equities are the way to go for some investors, Goldman Sachs Asset Management Chairman Jim O'Neill said Wednesday on CNBC.

"The equity risk premium is very high. People worry about everything all the while, characteristic of this whole rally going back, actually, since '08. And so I think there are plenty of ways we get decent returns going forward, " he said.

In his October letter to clients, O'Neill wrote: "Now is a good time to be favoring equities over bonds in asset allocation decisions for medium- to long-term investors."

On "Fast Money , " he pointed to managed expectations ahead of earnings season, saying that "the hurdle to positively surprise isn't that great."

"But I think on top of that, the macro data in the U.S. has taken a further turn for the better, " he added.

Within Bank of America 's quarterly results, O'Neill also saw strength in mortgages.

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"There's a look at fantastic housing numbers we have today, and I think in that space there's a lot of positive dynamic going on, which is raising more and more people to think that, at least with the private sector, you've got some sustainability going because of housing going into the banks and possibly in terms of lending and beyond, " he said. "That hasn't really been in any of these mini-recoveries of the past couple of years."

O'Neill alluded to further economic improvement that could be spurred.

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"If you get a little bit of goodwill from Washington, then maybe, maybe this is not 2 percent GDP, going less than 2 percent, but 2 percent going on to 2½ percent and more, " he said. "I think there's a bit of that mood creeping in, and I don't it's unjustified myself. I think there are some good signs going on in the U.S."

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