What Wall Street Thinks of Goldman Tell-All Book

A tell-all book from former Goldman Sachs insider Greg Smith promises to have little effect, if any, on the investment bank's stock, "Fast Money" pros said Monday on CNBC.

"There's nothing new that came out about the stock. Everyone loves to hate Goldman Sachs at this stage, so I think there were no revelations," said Baker Avenue Asset Management's Simon Baker.

"I think the real big thing was the publishing company paying him a million and a half dollars to write this thing," he added.

Stephen Weiss of Short Hills Capital dismissed Smith outright.

"The biggest issue with this book and Greg Smith is, you have to ask: How could they employ this guy for 12 years? Clearly he's a malcontent," he said.

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""I would pay no attention to this. Surprise, surprise, a company wants to make money from its accounts. It could be Goldman. It could be Procter & Gamble. It could be anybody," Weiss added, offering some words of wisdom: "It's business, so I advise the guy, Greg Smith, to go and apply to some charity and work there. Be completely altruistic. Put your money where your mouth is, or your lack of it at this point."

Stuart Frankel's Steve Grasso said that Smith's book is too late.

"Two years ago, it would've meant something. Two years ago, Goldman was really, really hated. I think it's just an afterthought, and Goldman has left. It's on the sidelines now," he said. "I just don't think Goldman's that key player as it used to be two years ago."

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