Spirit Airlines Offers 'Binders' of Airfare Sales

Spirit Airlines Offers 'Binders' of Airfare Sales
Source: Spirit.com

Spirit Airlines has a reputation for airfare sales pegged to hot news topics.

On Wednesday, Spirit launched a new sale prominently featured on their website reading, "We've got tons of binders full of sales!"

The ad, of course, references Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's response to a question from Tuesday night's presidential debate . When asked about pay equality for women, Romney said, "I went to a number of women's groups and said, 'Can you help us find folks?' and they brought us whole binders full of women."

Sale fares under the promotion start at $29.80 one-way for a ticket from Dallas to Houston. You can travel on these fares from October 24 to November 15, or from November 27 to December 17. Act fast, though, if you're interested — the sale ends tonight at midnight. Click here for the full list of fares and destinations.

Spirit's previous kitchy ad focused on American Airlines' woes with loose seats on its Boeing 757 fleet. They ran a sale offering 7.57 percent off fares promoting it as, "We let fares loose, not seats!" (Read more: More Loose American Airlines Seats Found )

Before that, Spirit poked fun at the Secret Service prostitution scandal with a "More Bang For Your Buck" sale to Cartagena, Colombia. (Read more: Spirit Airlines' Secret Service Special )

Misty Pinson, Spirit's director of corporate communication tells CNBC.com in an email that these edgy promotions are not created by outside marketing firms. The process "tends to be a group effort… albeit a small group, " she says.

I doubt the major U.S. carriers would ever launch such a sale. Kudos to you Spirit, for giving me a good laugh (and boosting your media exposure).