Cramer: Rust Belt Not Quite So Rusty Anymore

Don’t Bolt from This Market: Cramer

An Ohio-based company founded more than a century ago may be sitting at the center of a manufacturing renaissance in the Rust Belt.

That company is Timken.

Founded more than a century ago, when Timken made roller bearings for mule drawn carts, today Timken made the bearings in the Mars rover.

"This company is the largest manufacturer of tapered roller bearings in the United States, as well as being a leading global manufacturer of higher-engineered bearings and alloyed steel—it has its spokes in a number of industries from oil and gas, to rails, autos and aerospace. If anybody can take the pulse of industrial America, it's Timken," said Cramer.

And in an interview with James Griffith, Timken's President and CEO -- Cramer said, "Everybody acts like all the good manufacturing jobs have gone to China, yet the best manufacturers on earth are still right here in America."

This is an interview that no investor should miss. Watch the video now.