Who Do You Think Won the Final Presidential Debate?

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney faced off in front of the cameras for a third and final time on Monday, near the end of a presidential campaign season marked by a high number of memorable debates.

Presidential debates have not always been consequential, but this year they have had an impact.

Romney was reeling from a series of stumbles when he entered the first debate in Denver on Oct. 3, and his strong performance changed the course of the race, vaulting him back into an even position in the polls with Obama. (Read More: Obama, Romney Clash on Economy in First Debate)

Democrats fretted openly about Obama's passivity at the podium.

Then, Obama was ruled the narrow winner of the second encounter on Oct. 16, when he got the better of Romney in a testy exchange over Libya. His campaign halted the slide, but it was not enough to edge ahead in the polls. (Read More: Obama Regains His Footing in Feisty Second Debate - Analysis)

So, who do you think won the final debate? Take our poll and have your voice heard.

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