4 Warning Signs From China: Nathan Sandler

China's economy could be seriously impacted by four serious issues, Nathan Sandler of ICE Canyon said Thursday on CNBC.

On "Fast Money," the co-founder and managing partner of ICE Canyon raised concerns that investors should heed.

  • "They have a growth model that is being called into question.
  • "They have macro and financial imbalances that have only been intensifying and are a direct result of the growth model that is no longer sustainable.
  • "They have an increasing probability, as a result, of financial crisis, where I think the risks are rising significantly.
  • "They have endemic corruption and income disparities, which will ultimately be a long-term drag on growth."

Sandler said that the four reasons lead to one solution.

"When you put that all together, I think we're at a very important crossroads for China, and it's really reform," he said.

While it's too soon to tell whether needed measures would be implemented anytime soon, Sandler said that the upcoming Chinese election could provide the necessary impetus for "deeper reform."

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Elsewhere in the emerging world, he added, Mexico might soon provide new opportunity.

"I think Mexico is showing some early signs of finally being ready to attack very serious structural reforms that could really unlock the productive capacity of that economy," he said.

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