NYC Marathon Must Go On, Ex-Mayor Koch Says

Despite the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy throughout the city, former New York Mayor Ed Koch said he applauded the decision to let the New York City Marathon go on as planned.

"I'm telling you — and I think I've got pretty good judgment in this matter —that the people of New York City want the marathon to be run, and I applaud what the mayor is doing," he said.

Koch blamed the media for creating controversy.

"I think the media is creating a fuss that doesn't exist, and that the people of New York City want this marathon," he said on "Fast Money." "If I were mayor, I would be doing exactly the same thing."

Koch, who served as mayor from 1978 to 1989, said that he faced the same decision when the city was near bankruptcy and still threw a ticker-tape parade for the Yankees following their World Series win.

The parade came despite opposition from the media.

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"I said, 'New York Times, you have your head screwed on wrong.' What the people of New York City need is a celebration, something that will lift their spirits, and there's nothing comparable to the marathon with respects to lifting the spirits of this city," he said.

Koch said that generators being used for the marathon would not be used for providing power to private utility customers.

"The city of New York is not putting in generators to light up buildings," he said. "These generators in the race have nothing to do with changing the condition with the people who have suffered.

"In fact, by Sunday, the city may be in large part back to being lighted. Even if it is not, there is no question in my mind that the marathon should be held, that the mayor should be applauded and that the media should be denounced for trying to do it in."

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