Pro: Sell Gold Ahead of the US Election

Gold takes a front-row seat for the U.S. election. Many traders on the exchange floor are speculating that a Mitt Romney win could continue to strengthen the dollar and could cause further sell-offs in commodities, including gold.

Ilczyszyn: Key Levels to Watch on Gold
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Whatever your political flavor happens to be, gold has firmed up a little since Friday's close, although the dollar is continuing to make new swing highs. Currently gold is trading just below $1,680 — so do we just ignore the fact that the precious metal that is still trading up roughly 7 percent this year? The 100-day moving average is at $1,672 and the 200-day moving average is at $1,670. Furthermore, the 50 percent retracement this year is at $1,666.50. This tells me that there could be buying interest at this level. (Read More: What You Need to See Before You Buy Gold)

Ironically, immediate uncertainty is actually keeping gold's rebound quiet. With the election a day away, dollar shorts are buying to close, helping a dollar rally. The European Central Bank has a policy meeting this week as Greece once again steals headlines. Japan is considering itself to be entering a recessionary stage, and China ushers in a new generation of leaders. All of this is supportive to the dollar, which means continued pressure on gold, as well as other commodities.

So what's today's trade?

I will look to get short December gold at the first test to $1,692, placing my stop above $1,702 and my target at $1,672.

Since each dollar move in gold translates into $100 dollars, risk for this trade is $1,000 and reward is $2,000.

Finally, note that this is a day trade — if entry price is not triggered, I will cancel all orders at the close.

Good luck and good trading.

Follow me on Twitter, @Rilczyszyn, because my hand is on the trigger, and Sunday into Monday I am looking to fire the "buy" signal on gold.

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