Apple May Drop Intel Chip for Macs: Report

Apple May Drop Intel Chip for Macs: Report
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Apple is trying to replace Intel processors in its Mac computers with a chip that more closely resembles the chips it uses in its iPhone and iPad,according to a report.

While the tech giant has used Intel chips in Macs since 2005, the company is now working to use a chip similar to the one in its mobile devices because PCs are inevitably going to become more like mobile computers in the future, sources told Bloomberg.

Apple currently uses chips it designs that are based on technology from ARM Holdings, a company that licenses its technology and chip designs to semiconductor manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers.

A similar chip used in all Apple devices would also make it easier for the company to build a seamless experience across all of its devices, a person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

Apple spokesperson Bill Evans said that Apple does not comment on rumors.