Title of Hong Kong’s Favorite Brand Goes to…

Hong Kong may be synonymous with designer boutiques and luxury retail outlets, with names such as Louis Vuitton and Prada crowding the city, but local consumers appear to be far less image conscious, if their favorite brands are any indication.

Title of Hong Kong’s Favorite Brand Goes to…

In fact, the modest convenience store known for its frozen Slurpee and microwave meals was ranked as the most preferred brand in Hong Kong, according to a survey of over 1,500 local consumers aged 18-55 by independent researcher Superbrands.

"7-11 is an integral part of Hong Kong life; it's such a busy consumer city. We're all rushing from one place to another. 7-11 is pervasive and it fits into the way Hong Kong people's lives," Mark Pointed, CEO of Superbrands told CNBC.

Respondents voted for their favorite brands across more than 100 consumer product and service categories including banking, fashion, hotels, airlines, restaurants and electronics.

Internet search engine giant Yahoo, credit card firm Visa, amusement park Ocean Park and health care and beauty care chain store Watsons, came in 2-5th place, respectively. Not a single luxury name made it to the list of the top ten most preferred brands.

"This is an interesting list; it differs slightly to lists in other markets. It's a reflection of what Hong Kong people think, and some of the brands that are on there are integral part of Hong Kong. That wouldn't show on a survey if we did it in Singapore," he added.

Just one consumer technology brand entered the ranking, and it wasn't Apple or Samsung . Instead, Hong Kongers selected Japan's Sony, which was placed 8th on the list.

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"Sony have had their issues over the recent years; Samsung are on the ascendency. Though Sony may be displaced, but we still have a great identity with Sony," he said.