Times, Journal Offer Election Day Freebies

Following election news will be easier for readers of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, as both newspapers are allowing free access to their websites while the the vote unfolds.

Times, Journal Offer Election Day Freebies

The two papers told readers that they will be dropping their paywalls for coverage of Tuesday's elections, the headliner of course being the race between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. (Read More: Campaign Finale: A Perfect Storm of Frankenfacts)

According to an announcement on the Journal web site, readers can access free coverage from 5 pm ET on Election Day until 5 pm Wednesday.

Clicking on a banner ad on the Journal site takes readers to the paper's Election 2012 lander page.

The Times also will provide 24-hour free coverage, but that won't start until 6 pm, according to a blog post at FishbowlNY.

Both papers have lifted the walls before, primarily for major stories such as last week's Superstorm Sandy disaster. (Read More: Internet Sites Knocked Out by Superstorm, Find Their Way Back Online)

Under normal circumstances, the Times provides readers 10 free articles per month. The Journal does not set a limit on article views but puts much of its content behind the paywall.