Don't Worry: Lloyd Blankfein Still Plans to Vote

Don't Worry: Lloyd Blankfein Still Plans to Vote

Those of you who are worried about Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein being denied the franchise can rest easy. Blankfein intends to attempt to vote again.

Earlier today, Reuters reported:

Voting at the YMCA on West 63rd Street in Manhattan was delayed because election officials could not find the ballot cards and scanners were not working properly. Among those arriving to vote there was Lloyd Blankfein, the chief executive of investment banking powerhouse Goldman Sachs. He left before voting there began.

But a source familiar with the CEO's thinking tells NetNet that Blankfein has not given up on trying to cast his vote. He is planning on heading back to the Y later. We'll keep you updated if we learn the fate of Blankfein's ballot.

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