Warning! Don't Instagram, Tweet Your Ballot

Warning! Don't Instagram, Tweet Your Ballot
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Voters beware. Steer clear of taking pictures with your smartphone while at the polls Tuesday.

While it has become more common for people to share, or in some cases over-share, images via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from their smartphones, it is still illegal in some states to take pictures at the polls.

According to Citizen Media Law Project's Website, several states including Texas, Florida and Michigan prohibit any recording inside polling locations.

Many other states such as California, Georgia, Illinois and New York specifically prohibit taking photos or filming a voter's own ballot. (That's right. You shouldn't Instagram a vintage-filtered photo of your choice for president.)

Laws vary from state to state, but some penalties are pretty tough. In Colorado, for example, if a voter displays their ballot, they could be convicted of a misdemeanor which qualifies them for a fine of up to $1,000, up to a year in jail, or both a fine and imprisonment, reports ProPublica.

So instead of showing off your patriotism with pictures on social platforms this Election Day, maybe just proudly wear your "I Voted: sticker. It's a lot less risky.

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