Where Grupo Televisa Is Investing Now

Where Grupo Televisa Is Investing Now
Source: televisa.com

Grupo Televisa, the world's largest Spanish language broadcaster, is investing not only in new content but also readying for the multitude of new ways consumers will watch its programming, CEO Emilio Fernando Azcarraga Jean told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Monday.

"We are not just a distribution platform through pay television and over the air, but we are a large content producer," the Televisa executive said. "We produce close to 65,000 hours of television programming per year and that's for pay television and over the air and obviously we're starting to produce a lot of things for Internet."

With the explosion in mobile-enable devices like smartphones and tablets, Televisa's strategy is to not just create a new television program, but to also create music, live entertainment, applications and videogames to go with it, Azcarraga Jean said.

"I believe that strategy can help us be in all of the different distribution platforms and obviously compliment each of the screens," he added. (Read More: Cable Companies Pinning Hopes on Silicon Valley.)

Tailoring the content to each of the different distribution platforms is also important because the traditional TV and Internet audiences are different, the Mexican media executive noted.

The company is also tuned into the growth of Spanish-speaking Americans with Univision.

"We have believed that the Spanish-speaking market in the U.S. is a very important market," Azcarraga Jean said. "When you see a population of more than 55 million and growing at the rate it's growing" there's room for Univision to expand its business.


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