Gartman: Oil Won’t Spike on Gaza Attack

If you're an energy trader chances are you trying to determine what happens to the price of oil in the wake of an unexpected Mideast attack.

On Wednesday, Israel launched a major offensive against Palestinian militants in Gaza killing the military commander of Hamas.

Immediately calls for revenge were broadcast over Hamas radio and the Islamist group vowed the attack would "open the gates of hell".

Israel confirmed it carried out the attack and announced more to come.

Typically trouble in the Middle East translates into higher oil prices but according to top commodity trader Dennis Gartman, not this time.

Price is truth and the price of crude only increased 1% on the news.


He says what matters more is that the term structure continues to be in a definitive contango. (In other words the futures prices are above the expected future spot price. Consequently, the price will decline to the spot price before the delivery date.) Read More:"CNBC Explains Contango"And when oil is in contango, "you sell the strength you don't buy weakness," said Gartman.

"The fact that something like this happened and oil only rallied 85 cents in WTI, it says to me there's plenty of crude around and it's bidding for storage."

"If you're an oil bull I wouldn't get to excited," Gartman added.

Posted by CNBC's Lee Brodie

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