Tell the Truth: You Still Wanna Be an Astronaut!

Tell the Truth: You Still Wanna Be an Astronaut!
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Workers confessed to professional-networking site LinkedIn what they always wanted to be when they grew up.

Of course, astronaut is on the list.

Here were the Top 5 dream jobs among the men, according to the survey from LinkedIn :

1. Professional or Olympic athlete (8.2 percent)

2. Airplane or helicopter pilot (6.8 percent)

3. Scientist (6.8 percent)

4. Lawyer (5.9 percent)

5. Astronaut (5 percent)

Wait, how did lawyer — no disrespect — beat astronaut? The question was: "What was your childhood career aspiration?" I'm guessing the adult in them took over and if you asked the 6-year-old version of them, the ranking would've come out just a tad differently. Something like: astronaut (2 percent), firefighter (3 percent), jet pilot (3 percent), pirate (2 percent) and Superman (90 percent).

But yeah, sure. I'm sure little Jimmy wants to be a lawyer. That's way cooler than Superman. (Read More: The 12 Most Overrated Jobs for 2012.)

So, what about the women? Were the woman as, um, grown-up in their answers?!

The women said:

1. Teacher (11.4 percent)

2. Veterinarian (9 percent)

3. Writer, journalist or novelist (8.1 percent)

4. Doctor, nurse or emergency medical technician (7.1 percent)

5. Singer (7.1 percent)

OK, I'm going to give them teacher, veterinarian and singer. As a former little girl, that sounds right. But dude, how are princess and mommy not on that list?! Also, ballerina. Now that list, sounds like the handiwork of a little girl. (Read More: The 12 Most Underrated Jobs of the Year.)

Perhaps this explains the more, ahem, mature list: More than 30 percent said they either currently have their childhood dream job or work in a career related to their childhood dream job.

Seriously? That would mean nearly one in three people would say, "Yeah, I have my dream job." And I, for one, have met few people who say that. (Admittedly, comedy writers and journalists tend to be a pretty cynical crowd!) (Read More: Hey, Buddy, Wanna Buy Some Tap Water?)

Though, I would like to point out this statistic: If you search for "I hate my job," it turns up 15.8 million results.

Just sayin'.

But here's a cool thing LinkedIn pointed out: There are more than 500,000 fashion stylists on LinkedIn, more than 30,000 wine and/or beer specialists, and over 400,000 members who are firefighters. Plus, over 150 astronauts, more than 30 racecar drivers and 14 mermaids.

So, you can still be "friends" with someone in your dream job.

Man, why didn't you say that? I would've been on that whole networking thing a lot sooner if I'd known it involved mermaids and astronauts!!!

So, um, is it … is it … is it hard to breathe underwater and in outer space?!

How do you go to the bathroom?

Do you have trouble going through the metal detector at airports?

Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?

Hang on, I think I hear my mom calling me …

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