Apple's Internet Problem: iCloud Services Go Down, Again

Apple's Internet Problem: iCloud Services Go Down, Again

Apple may be king in the hardware space, but it sure is having problems mastering the booming cloud business.

Apple's iCloud suffered an outage over the weekend and its issues lingered into Monday.

The company's iMessage and Facetime services were down for some users Sunday, according to the the company's iCloud website. And Apple's iTunes Match, a service that lets users store all their music in the cloud and stream it from any Apple device, was also unavailable Monday morning, according to a report from Apple Insider.

"Outages are never good for consumers, but we all know there is a price to pay to going cloud," said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst for Gartner.

While iMessage, the company's alternative to text messages, and its video chatting service Facetime are free features available to Apple's iOS and Mac users, iTunes Match is a subscription service that costs $24.99 a year.

"Although, Facetime and iMessage can be bypassed with a normal voice call and text message not being able to access your music is something that users might really be unhappy with. ... Consumers need to know they can rely on the service," Milanesi said. (Read More: Apple Sell-Off 'Insane': Pro )

Cloud outages in Apple's iCloud services have been on the rise since the company rolled out its latest operating system, iOS6, in September. (Read More: Five Things to Consider Before Embracing the Cloud.)

It was the company's fourth cloud outage in three months, according to the report.

While Apple has recently struggled with keeping its cloud services running, Google, Apple's software nemesis, continues to boost its cloud presence. (Read More: Investors Are Getting 'Psyched' About Big Data )

Google is a veteran in the cloud space. The search giant has offered free storage space via Gmail for years, along with services like Google Docs. But it was with Google's Android operating system that the company really challenged Apple in creating a seamless user experience for syncing media and other data across multiple devices.

While Apple's iCloud may also be touted as seamless, it's only commendable when its services actually work.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.