Cramer’s Game Plan for Tuesday

What does Jim Cramer have planned for Tuesday? Well, here's a look at his "Game Plan!"

Cramer’s 10 Hottest Momentum Stocks
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Before the bell, the brick and mortar retail strategy for electronics will land front and center as Best Buy reports earnings.

"We heard fromSears that the consumer hard goods business remains totally cutthroat. We know that the company's in the crosshairs of Amazon. I'm looking for a downbeat quarter," said Cramer.

Also 'anticipation' will be the word of the day — with Heinz delivering numbers, too.

"This is the type of company that I have said is bottoming right here," said Cramer. "It's well run, international and benefits from lower commodity prices."

After the close technology takes center stage with

"Throughout this difficult period there have been three tech themes — the PC is dead, the cell phone is alive but cutthroat, and the cloud is robust. is in the heart of the cloud and I think it will be good, but will it be good enough? Nothing is good enough in this tape," Cramer said.

If you're interested in this name, Cramer suggests following the earnings and after the fiscal cliff is resolved, circling back.

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