Bain's Guide to Thanksgiving

Where Pilgrims Landed, Thanksgiving Is Kept at Table, Not Mall
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It's not to late to save Thanksgiving.

And, thankfully, we have the 2005 Bain & Co. "Management Analysis" to show us just how to do it. The key is to "guest source" the meal prepartion.

The host should concentrate on turkey, stuffing and gravy. Everything else should be done by the guests. The pies, the cranberry sauce, the sweet potatoes.

(Insert obligatory Romney here)

Another piece of advice that came up in the market research Bain did: postpone complexity.

"For example, create a vegetarian version of the stuffing by using vegetable stock and adding sausage to a portion at the end, thereby avoiding the need for multiple stuffing dishes," Bain explains.

So, most likely, you should avoid altogether making stuff like carbonated cranberry sauce.

Hope your holiday is well guest-sourced and full of postponed complexity!

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Happy Thanksgiving!