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RIM Could Rise on Wings of BlackBerry 10: Pro
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Find out what Wall Street analysts had to say about Research In Motion, Tiffany and other retailers in this CNBC.com Stock Blog Roundup.

Analysts have been getting steadily more bullish on Research in Motion ahead of the long-awaited launch of the BlackBerry 10 . Kris Thompson, an analyst at National Bank Financial, said "negativity was really at a peak" over RIM's prospects.

The encouraging reports about Black Friday sales did not extend to luxury and women's apparel retailers, according to Dana Telsey, CEO Telsey Advisory Group.

She said Macy's, Express, Aeropostale, and Abercrombie & Fitch saw good traffic on Black Friday, Telsey said.

Tiffany, the luxury jewelry retailer, missed earnings estimates for the latest quarter this week. But Brian Nagel, a senior equity research analyst at Oppenheimer said what really what happened during the quarter was they sold more high-end pieces and less low-end silver-type products.

"That sales mix shift impacted gross margins," he said.

Rumors that Groupon CEO Andrew Mason could be replaced pushed the company's shares higher this week. But Aaron Kessler, a senior analyst at Raymond James, said it remains to be seen whether a potential management shake-up would be a good thing for the struggling daily deals site.

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