Our Newest Fan: Charlie Loves the Cliff

CNBC has a new fan...possibly our youngest...thanks to our fiscal cliff coverage.

Our Newest Fan: Charlie Loves the Cliff
Source: Family photo

You know those clever little animations we throw on the TV to introduce segments about the fiscal cliff? Well Young Charlie, the son of an engineer for Toshiba in the Boston area, loves them. He laughs at them uproariously.

You can see his reaction in the YouTube video here. (Don't confuse it with another viral video also involving a young Charlie).

We're hoping it's the visual comedic value of the scene that's tickling his funny bone...and not the prospect of going over the cliff itself. Or maybe the notion of all those Congressional and White House folk running around trying to not sound partisan while actually being partisan is what's getting to him.

Either way, nice to see someone having a good time with it all.


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