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  • MADRID— The Latest on Spain's political crisis over the Catalonia region's push for independence:. Puigdemont has told El Punt-Avui television that he "is finishing" a slate of candidates for the parliamentary election called by Spain's prime minister. Russia's foreign minister is criticizing the claim by Spain's defense minister that a misinformation...

  • BARCELONA, Spain— The fugitive leader of Catalonia's secessionist movement said Wednesday that he will repeat as his party's leading candidate in upcoming elections for the Spanish region while he fights extradition from Belgium. Carles Puigdemont told El Punt-Avui television from Brussels that he is handpicking a list of candidates to run under him in...

  • PARIS, June 11- President Emmanuel Macron's fledgling party is set to trounce France's traditional main parties in a parliamentary election and secure a huge majority to push through his pro-business reforms, projections after the first round showed on Sunday. The conservative party The Republicans and allied centre-right Union of Democrats and...

  • Evan McMullin: Trump doesn't represent conservative values and principles

    Evan McMullin, Independent candidate running for president, discusses his chances in the 2016 presidential election and his strategy in his home state of Utah.

  • Evan McMullian: Taking votes from Trump

    Donald Trump will not win this election, says Evan McMullin, independent presidential candidate, talking about taking electoral votes away from Donald Trump, and why the country needs to return power to the states.

  • Independent candidate McMullin gives econ. plan

    Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin discusses his views on the presidential candidates, as well as where he stands on economic policy.

  • Catalonia takes one step closer to independence from Spain

    Separatists in Catalonia have claimed victory in a regional election that they have vowed will lead to them declaring the region independent from Spain.

  • Sanders: 'I would not play the role of the spoiler'

    CNBC's John Harwood asks Sen. Bernie Sanders whether he considered running as a third-party candidate.

  • Bernie Sanders questions morality of US economy

    Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders talks with CNBC's John Harwood about his views on income inequality, Hillary Clinton and whether he stands a chance of winning.

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